About Us


Jagan Rattan Daan Singh & Co., JRDC, has been a leading manufacturer of full-range mobile towers in India for more than a decade. Through continuous innovation and absolute workmanship, the company has established itself as a recognised manufacturer and exporter of mobile communication towers, portable power systems, Cell On Wheels (COW), Communication Sites On Light Trucks (COLTs) in the telecommunication industry. With a vision to deliver high-quality products using cutting-edge technology, JRDC has carved a niche for itself in developing and designing portable mobile cellular sites or 'Cells on Wheels' in India.

We design and develop COWs/COLTs that can be readily deployed both in urban and rural areas. Our integrated tower systems give our clients flexibility of configuration and development by offering a wide range of innovative, efficient, and flexible options for their emergency response, temporary, or long-term communications, test, surveillance, and other requirements. Our systems are apt for situations wherein a higher payload elevation and/or heavier payload capacity is required.

Our expert engineers make sure our products are in compliance with international standards and specifications, and established industry norms. Some of our pioneering innovations have become industry standards in a short span of over a decade. Our emphasis on quality has helped us earn goodwill of satisfied customers and earned us a reputation of the makers of cost-effective telecommunication systems with low operational costs and exceptional quality.

Currently, we manufacture a wide range of portable communication towers, including ones with 20, 30 and 40 meter height, Cage Towers, Shelter Towers, and Triangle Towers. We also develop Safety Feature Towers and Solar-Powered Towers. Utilizing state-of-the-art fabrication technology, experts at our plant ensure for strict adherence to set international specifications and industry standards. Advanced safety features and standard protection devices across the JRDC product line safeguard both equipment and operators.

In addition to manufacturing truly world-class portable telecommunication towers, JRDC also provides its clients with sales and rental support services across India, adding to the product benefits.

All JRDC operations are conducted from our corporate office at Mayapuri, New Delhi. Spread across 5,000 square meter of land, our major manufacturing plant is located at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The second plant is in Gujarat, covering a large 4,600 square meter area. It features a top-of-the-line infrastructure with high-end machinery and technology, catering to the demands of our clients in India and overseas.

Vision & Mission


We genuinely believe our success is closely related with the success of our clients and partners. We aim to become one of the most trusted and reliable portable communication site manufacturers by offering cutting-edge products and services.

We aim to achieve sustainable growth and excellence through continuous innovation and workmanship, and thus, bolstering our brand presence.


JRDC is committed to providing its clients with quality products and services that save them time and money, and bring value to their businesses. We create meaningful solutions and equipment in the field of telecommunication, thereby, forging a bond of mutual trust and respect with clients.

Through continuous innovation and fair practices, we aim to stay competitive and ahead in the market at all times. We seek to achieve this by empowering and nurturing our human resource with desired knowledge and skillset.

Our Strength

Quick Turnaround Time

In-house manufacturing, rental and after-sale services at JRDC ensure for a quick turnaround of all procedures starting from production to delivery to installation and thereafter. Our fast delivery allows our clients to deploy with little lead time.


With a field experience of more than a decade and thousands of successful installations, JRDC has been able to deliver flexible customised solutions catering to the varied demands of businesses across India and overseas. Immediate availability of sales and rental inventories and world-class transport and logistical support offer our clients flexibility of configuration and deployment for their temporary, long-term, and emergency communication needs.


Quality has been JRDC's stronghold since its inception. By strictly adhering to universally accepted measures and procedures and a no-compromise approach, we have not only been able to deliver greater quality but also able to set new industry benchmarks in portable telecommunication tower manufacturing. Advanced security features and built-in security devices on JRDC communication towers prolong their lifespan by safeguarding them from external elements such as weather.


      We offer onsite and offsite services, which are but not limited to full deployment of COWs including transportation, configuration, installation, and training, to our esteemed clients. Our experienced team of well-trained experts offers a wide gamut of services to our clients, namely, after-sale services, repair, AMC, erection and de-erection.


      Our design team works with clients to create systems that solves communication problems at their end. Our customer-centric approach coupled with high-quality manufacturing and quality control standards ensures for a uniform output every time and towers that are safe to deploy in short notice. Remarkable attention to detail and rigorous quality checks at various stages of fabrication and development make JRDC's portable telecommunication towers ready for deployment at all times.


Plant 1 - Greater Noida, India

Spread across 6,000 square meter of land, our major manufacturing plant is located at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in India. The area where the plant is situated falls under an Enterprise Zone that offers special benefits and incentives for setting up business operations.

Plant 2 - Ecotech, Greater Noida, India

Our second major manufacturing plant is located at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, in India. Spread across 9,000 square meter of land, this plant falls under an area designated as an Enterprise Zone that offers special benefits and incentives for setting up business operations.

Plant 3 - Gujarat, India

The third JRDC plant is in Gujarat, India, covering a large 4,600 square meter area. Featuring a top-of-the-line infrastructure with high-end machinery and technology, the plant caters to the demands of our clients in India and overseas.